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  1. Welcome to Florida Law Enforcement We are a roleplay community based in Miami, that was established in 2016 and have a growing number of currently over 3000 active members, FLE (Florida Law Enforcement) takes great pride in the professionalism, realism, and excellence that all our staff, officers , and our civilians show on a daily basis. We believe in responsibility and accountability. Our first responder departments are required to take extensive training to make sure that they are up to par with our community standards and can provide you with the greatest experience possible before they become an officer, trooper, deputy, or a member of our fire rescue team. Our dedicated staff members are also extensively trained to ensure that they can help you with any issue that may arise Departments We offer: City Of Miami Police Broward County Sherrifs Florida Highway Patrol Fire rescue Florida Communications Division, Why don't you come check us out, I am confident that you will NOT be disappointed! Server Information Website Forums Server IP: Copyright Florida Law Enforcement
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