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  5. Everyone see this nerd ! lol its my swat xo john T!!


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  7. Welcome to Florida Law Enforcement We are a roleplay community based in Miami, that was established in 2016 and have a growing number of currently over 3000 active members, FLE (Florida Law Enforcement) takes great pride in the professionalism, realism, and excellence that all our staff, officers , and our civilians show on a daily basis. We believe in responsibility and accountability. Our first responder departments are required to take extensive training to make sure that they are up to par with our community standards and can provide you with the greatest experience possib
  8. Department Head of the Elite Florida Highway Patrol

  9. RULES & REGULATIONS AND TOS, 2019 v1.1 Disclaimer 0.1: Access to the server is for all intents and purposes; a privilege, server ownership reserves the right to remove your access at any point if it is deemed necessary without reason. All below listed rules are subject to change and maybe amended by the owners with short notice. Disclaimer 0.2: Florida law enforcement strictly follows Discord TOS, for this matter we don’t allow members under the age of 13 years old, everything stated in Discord Terms of service document is part of florida
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